Abrigo Bicho Feliz

Abrigo Bicho Feliz is an idealization of the independent protector Jussara Mandim who currently houses, cares for and loves about 70 dogs and 20 cats. Jussara Mandim is an independent animal protector because she uses her own resources to keep the animals home in her place in the city Petrópolis, in the mountainous region of rio de Janeiro.


Abrigo Bicho Feliz

all of these animals were collected from the streets of neglect or ill-treatment. Suffered, sick or injured. These animals of Abrigo Bicho Feliz, count on home, food, hygiene, veterinary care and especially affection.


Abrigo Bicho Feliz

Abrigo Bicho Feliz counts on the work duly registered employees, who are the work of cleaning, feeding, bathing, walking within the site itself, so that they have freedom.

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